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Let Us Eat Cake

I’m determined not to let this blog degenerate into a Sean Hannity style barrage of partisan personal attacks but when I see our illustrious leader making comments like this, I just can’t look the other way.  I think this is really astonishing.  Recall that in December the tea party was polling higher than both the democrats and republicans,  66% of Americans think the country is overtaxed, 78% say government spending is out of control and the president is basically telling all these people he doesn’t care what they think.  His view of the world seems to be that anyone who isn’t on his side is just a dummy who doesn’t understand and they should pipe down and get out of his way.  He’s used to saying things like this when most of the people listening think he’s talking to someone else.  He doesn’t seem to realize that he’s now saying it to a majority of the public.

If this were one isolated comment I would be blowing it way out of proportion but remember when he said this?  Or what about this little tidbit? And who could forget this one?  Am I the only one who notices a pattern of smugness which is entirely unprecedented for an American president?  Can you imagine Reagan saying things like this?  How about George Washington?  Can you even imagine Bill Clinton doing this?  Maybe at a party, but these are prepared speeches.  I’m starting to miss the good old days when if a politician had no interest in what a large group of constituents had to say, they at least had the common sense to lie about it and pretend that they cared.  

Lots of people these days like to say that we’re turning into France.  Sadly, they may end up being right but it might not be 2010 France, it might be the 1889 rendition. How surprised can we be by this when we elected Marie Antoinette as president?

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