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First They Came for the Salt

Here is what an obscure but insightful blogger said about healthcare six weeks ago. 

Once this happens there will be a massive moral hazard problem.  Currently we have to wear seatbelts because if we get injured in a car crash, the emergency room will have to treat us.  This makes our private reckless behavior a public concern.   Once we all have government-run healthcare, everything we do will be a public concern.  They will have a legitimate justification to keep us from smoking, drinking, eating junk food, going skydiving, riding motorcycles, anything that has an adverse effect on our health. 

When I explained this to my students during a lesson on moral hazard they rolled their eyes and said “oh come on, they won’t do that” just because they weren’t telling us that they were going to do it at the time.  But look at what happens when we turn over powers to the government on the assumption that they won’t use them.  Notice the justification by “US researchers.”

…working with the food industry to cut salt intake by nearly 10 percent could prevent hundreds of thousands of heart attacks and strokes over several decades and save the U.S. government $32 billion in healthcare costs.

It’s a public problem.  We’re all socialists now… So ask yourself how much support there would be for a law that limited salt in food.  Why don’t presidential candidates ever run on a platform of protecting you from too much salt?  A hundred years ago, they would have had to pass a constitutional amendment to do something like this.  Now they don’t even pass a law in congress.  Why not?  Because then congressmen would have to answer for it.  They would have to stand up at a debate and be accused of taking the salt from people’s french fries.  If you want to pass laws that most people don’t want, you have to pass a seemingly unrelated law that gives the power to make that law to a nameless faceless regulator.  Then when they do it, the people will have no recourse against them and the politicians can just stand up and say “I have no control over what they do.”  The only way to stop the insanity is to realize when they are grabbing these powers in the first place and say no thanks.

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