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Vote With Your Feet

I saw Mike Huckabee say today that the rates for a u-haul from Texas to California is a lot lower than from California to Texas because people are fleeing from California.  So I looked into it.  A 14′ truck from Austin to LA is $501, while the same truck from LA to Austin is $1292.  This illustrates why progressives must implement their policies on a national (and in many cases global) scale.  If you want to continually loot someone, you have to make sure they can’t escape.  So I will make a bold prediction.  California will go bankrupt.  There is no way they will actually make the kind of cuts they would need to in order to pay back their debts.  When this happens, the federal government will bail them out.  There is no way they will let the consequences of progressive policies be illuminated in such an obvious way.  This will just create a moral hazard at the state level where states have no incentive to fix their budgets because if they do they will just be subsidizing the states that don’t, so they will all get deeper and deeper in debt and the federal government will have to bail them out one after another, until eventually the federal government goes bankrupt.  By then just about every state will be indebted to the feds.  At this time they will have to “reform” the whole system and this reform will involve a significant centralization of power.  This will be done under the pretext that states are too big to fail so they carry an implicit federal guarantee and because of this, there is a moral hazard problem which can only be solved by the feds having more control over the actions and budgets of the states.  This will then be used to make sure that their progressive policies sufficiently infect every state so that there are no havens of rational policy to which their victims may flee.  This is just a guess but it should be fun to see how it pans out.  Let’s watch!

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