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Turning Into Me

Too bad I just used the title “Great Minds.”  On monday, Glenn Beck compared Obama to Marie Antoinette, announced a special on the 17th amendment and why it’s bad (he said to read up on it, you can start here), and recommended that everyone read the Road to Serfdom.  Then to boot, today he recommended Atlas Shrugged as well.  So naturally I want to take credit for all his success (he’s clearly riding my coat-tails) and support him by giving him a link, here’s one.

It’s kind of a long clip (and the video was messed up when I looked at it) but I want to point out two particular things.  First, the Canadian comedy sketch is hilarious.  More importantly, “its common sense!”  See, these elites have gone to a lot of trouble to convince the general population that they just don’t understand economics.  Well actually, that’s pretty much true but the problem is that they’ve convinced us to just trust them even when they say something that seems crazy.  Now in the world of economics I’m a nobody, so you shouldn’t just trust me either.  But I’m a smart guy who has devoted a lot of effort to figuring out what these people are talking about and I can tell you that a lot of the time it actually doesn’t make sense!  So when a guy with an impressive title and letters after his name tells you something that you don’t think makes any sense, guess what–you might be right.  Make them convince you.  We are going to have to reconnect with common sense if we’re going to solve these problems.

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