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Are You Kidding Me?

Obama is now demanding that BP pay the salaries of workers who will be layed off due to Obama’s moratorium on deepwater drilling.  This administration is getting more comical every day.  They are acting like BP created the risk of an oil spill from off-shore drilling.  The risk has always been there, the only thing that has changed is that they have been forced to notice it.  If, now that they notice it, they don’t think it’s worth the risk to continue deepwater drilling then fine, they get to make decisions like that.  But they want to make a decision where there are no tradeoffs.  They want to avoid any risk of a further oil spill without giving anything up.  But something has to be given up.  Oil drilling is a valuable productive activity.  If we don’t do it we are going to be poorer.  There is no getting around this fact.  But these people don’t believe in tradeoffs.  Progressives don’t believe in scarcity!  They are looters, that’s all that they know how to do and they have their hooks in a juicy prize.  They think they can just blame whatever they want on BP and demand that they pay for it because they are a big evil corporation.  But demanding doesn’t create wealth.  You can’t take away a corporation’s ability to produce and demand that they pay workers anyway.  You can’t have your corpse and eat it too.

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