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Are We There Yet?

“In an unsucessful effort to educate people to uniform views, ‘planners’ establish a giant propaganda machine.”

Note especially this tidbit: “Weiner is accusing Beck of maintaining an “unholy alliance” with Goldline, one of Beck’s television and radio sponsors,
and suggests that Beck talks about America’s dangerous levels of debt only to try and scare people into purchasing gold.”

Our current economic paradigm is one which relies heavily on the “animal spirits” explanation to describe economic fluctuations.  This sort of reasoning allows them to create an unstable system who’s sucess is dependent on nobody noticing its flaws and then blame the people who notice its flaws for its eventual collapse.  They will be accused of yelling fire in a crowded theatre.  The fact that the theatre is actually on fire will be ignored.  People like this will of course have to be silenced.  It’s for the good of society…

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