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You Wouldn’t Want to be Disrespectful Now Would You?

Ok, this is what I was actually looking for but I think I stumbled on an important point in the previous post.  Remember this: “when they don’t have any relevant facts to bring up they will always bring up irrelevant facts and obscure the argument.”  Then watch Obama’s interview with Bret Baier (part 1 can easily be found as well if you want to see the whole thing).  I am fighting the urge here to go through this interview word for word and point out how Obama never answers a single question but the main point I want to make is actually not about the interview.  What you need to notice about it though are two things. 

First, as I said, Baier asks a number of direct questions about facts and Obama never answers any of them.  Second, every question Baier asks requires him to interrupt the president.  It is not as though he isn’t letting him talk, there are long periods where the president goes on and on about things that are completely unrelated to the question he was asked.  But he never stops talking on his own.  If Bret Baier had never interrupted, Obama would have spent the whole interview “answering” the first question.  The reason for this is obvious.  He doesn’t want to answer the questions and the more time he can spend making vague ideological statements with little meaning, the fewer concrete questions can be asked.  Also, this makes Baier look rude.  Here is Bret Baier describing it in his own words.

Now for the big point, look at this and consider the absurdity of the statement “as this montage will show it was hard going, hard for him to get in a sentence, at least a full one.”  They literally cut out all the sentences that Obama said and then offered the doctored clip with them removed as proof that he was unable to finish a sentence.  And then the argument from intimidation begins.  They refer to Baier as “that character,” they laugh (the laugh is key, they always do this, it implies that it’s so obvious that they are correct that any attempt to argue with them would be a complete joke and therefore no actual argument in their defense is necessary), they trivialize it by comparing him to the White House party crashers, they say it was disrespectful, and they imply that if you even watch Fox, you are probably an imbecile.

Frankly, I think he did score some points, not with loyal Fox viewers but there might have been a few independents who were watching….

Most notably they actually betray the true nature of their strategy when they say

Every time they wanna go around telling us that they’re a news channel and not an opinion channel I think somebody should play that montage because that was extraordinary.

Think about what this statement actually means.  Every time Fox claims to be a real news organization someone should counter that by playing a doctored clip of nothing but interruptions.  Do not fight with facts!  Just show something that makes them look “disrespectful.”  Oh and it helps if you laugh a lot while you’re doing it.  All of this is designed to accomplish one simple purpose, to discourage people from asking questions and seeking out the facts.

By the way, there were in fact seven interruptions in that montage not 16 or 17.  Remember that time on Countdown when Keith Olberman made Chris Matthews look like a complete moron for not being able to count?  Me neither.  I guess I missed that one…

  1. W. Knowlton
    August 1, 2010 at 5:33 pm

    Regarding the third link: did any of these people even watch the real interview? What is the point in just watching a doctored, bias clip and offering up a reaction? Is that what their jobs are? Because frankly, I think people who even bother watching the news are at least capable of forming their own opinions, when given real material to work with. Joan Walsh thinks the interview (which it seems she didn’t really watch but is commenting on) was a waste of Obama’s time? This news segment was a waste of our time.

    It already is a propaganda machine; why are people reporting on their premature opinions? Oh! Because supposedly Americans cannot think for themselves. And I thought Fox was supposed to be the “opinion channel”…

  2. Free Radical
    August 1, 2010 at 10:27 pm

    Amen! (=

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