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Individuals are People Too

I can’t get over this video that I posted a few days ago.  I know it’s just a stupid youtube video I happened to stumble onto but I want to briefly point out a little tidbit that you might not have noticed.  About 1:15 in, they say the following:

We need not thank…. romanticized individuals [for the advancements in liberty].

as they flash this picture.

Then they say:

Instead, we should thank the people who declared and stood up for what belongs to them, the unquestionable right to individual sovereignty.

They show a picture of the signing of the declaration of independence and say don’t thank these people, thank the people who declared and stood up for the unquestionable right to individual sovereignty!  Then they show some pictures of civil rights protestors.

First, as a side note, civil rights, while certainly a monumental and beneficial movement, (I’m not trying to diminish its importance here) is not the same as individual sovereignty.  We didn’t usher in a new era of individual sovereignty with civil rights legislation we just stopped the state from using the oppressive power it had accumulated to systematically be more oppressive to one color of person than another (at least in theory).  That’s a good thing but we didn’t actually change the paradigm regarding what power the government in general has as compared to the individual in general like some other movements in history have like… oh I don’t know… these guys!

But this is something more than just replacing what these people consider the heroes of the right with the heroes of the left.  If you just want to say that Thomas Jefferson and George Washington were really racist jerks and you like Martin Luther King better, that’s fine.  But what they are really trying to do here is destroy the very concept of an individual and replace it with “the people.”  But people are individuals.  When multiple people stand next to each other they are still individuals they are just standing next to other individuals.  Notice that they don’t use this picture.

Or this one.

The worst part is that they talk about how great individual liberty is the whole time that they’re doing this.

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