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“Equal Protection”

So you may have heard that the Obama administration is now giving waivers releasing certain companies from the requirements of the healthcare bill because it is forcing them to drop their current healthcare policies and dump their employees into the public “exchange.”  This is exactly the kind of thing I said would happen before the bill was passed but it seems to have caught them by surprise.  Maybe the reason is that they applied the same method of induction when considering the bill as Robert Gibbs today who was asked what they would do when every business ended up asking for an exemption and replied that they don’t think that will happen because it hasn’t happened so far…..

The other explanation of course, is that they did know that this would happen and they want it to because it allows them to micromanage the economy.  They can just pass a law which would put everyone out of business and then give waivers to the people they like.  That sounds fair right?  But don’t worry because democrats hate big corporations like McDonalds I’m sure they will use their power to hurt them and help the family owned restaurant down the street.

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