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More NFL News

I find it very interesting that the same divide which is growing across my favorite country is also reflected in my favorite sport this season.  You may remember the maculate reception earlier this year.  Now the NFL is threatening to change the rules to make it illegal to hit too hard.   I wish I could find the video from the commentators discussing this after the monday night game but alas, I cannot.  However, they (all of them ex players) basically shared my sentiment that this is a sad turn of events for the game.

Nobody wants people to get injured, especially head and neck injuries which could potentially do long-term damage.  But we love football because it’s a violent game.  Sometimes this means unfortunate things happen.  The only way to eliminate injuries from football is to turn it into….well, soccer.  But what’s more important is that if you try to eliminate the injuries while still embracing the violence of the game you must start making arbitrary rules.  We already have such subjective terms as “defenseless player” in the rules and it is threatening to get much worse.  Get ready for language like “unnecessarily violent” or “windfall profits.”  Players will be told to go out there and fight… but only fight just as hard as you have to to get them down, if you fight too hard (determined arbitrarily by a referee) you might get suspended.  Make sure that’s always in the back of your mind while you’re out there fighting.  Yeah that’s the game I want to watch.

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