This is hilarious.  In this post Krugman is concerned that all of us angry redneck tea-party people are going to draw the wrong conclusion about government stimulus by looking at the U.S. and Germany.  He thinks we will get the wrong idea and think that Germany has done better because they chose austerity over stimulus.  To refute this idea he first shows that they actually didn’t do better.  Then he shows that they were actually more Keynesian that us.  Angry redneck tea-party people, it seems, just can’t get any of their facts right.  Problem is that when you put these two together you get the conclusion that Germany did worse because they were more Keynesian.  Krugman doesn’t seem to have noticed this so I went to point it out in the comments.  Not surprisingly several other people had also noticed it and pointed it out already, prompting another commenter to suggest the following.

Might be worth adding a note about why Germany’s GDP fell more despite their relatively Keynesian actions, just to avoid confusing people. I assume it’s because their economy is so dependent on international trade?
If you draw the logical conclusion from the data you are “confused.”  This is because the commenter is assuming that the conclusion which the evidence leads to can’t be correct so there must be some other explanation.  This is how progressives (Keynesians) do science–assume the answer you want and then invent a way to explain it.  When you take this approach, if you accidentally explain the opposite of what you assumed then you must have made a mistake or left something out.  The possibility that the answer you assumed might be wrong is not an option.  I can’t believe that these people haven’t managed to fix the economy….
  1. November 22, 2014 at 10:37 pm

    “assume the answer you want and then invent a way to explain it.”
    It could be said that this is how most illiberal Ideologue operate.
    Krugman his an expert ideologue at rationalizing economic levitation.

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