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In an earlier post I implied that I thought Ellen Weiss would probably take the fall for the Juan Williams firing at NPR which I then retracted since she wasn’t fired after a couple weeks.  But now I am retracting the retraction since she resigned

People at NPR said resigning may have preserved severance payments that Weiss would have had to forgo had she been fired.

Also, Vivian Schiller was denied a bonus.  So please draw the original conclusion to which I was leading you.  Also notice this line:

I do not think this kind of capitulation [by NPR] assures the future of an independent press. . . . Democracy is on the line and NPR is one of the last bastions of its possibility.

To whom are they capitulating exactly?  Fox reported the facts.  The public willingly went to Fox to get the facts.  The public got upset about it.  NPR capitulated….. to the public!  The people to whom other news organizations that don’t get their money from the government have to answer all the time.  Am I the only one who sees the irony?  Capitulation by a government sponsored news outlet in the face of public opinion is a threat to democracy and an independent press.   This highlights the true progressive vision of “democracy.”  More on that to come.

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