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So Long Glenn

As you may know Glenn Beck’s Fox News show is no more.  He is starting his own network (sort of) GBTV.   Unfortunately the show replacing him, “The Five,” represents everything stupid about cable news–five people sitting around shouting uninspired talking points at each other (although I have been pulling for Greg Gutfeld to get a better time slot, it’s not the best vehicle for him).  So I just want to say thanks to Glenn Beck for putting some interesting and thoughtful discussion on tv and not just the same tired analysis of the same headlines over and over again, and to post this article from his blog about his ratings.  This demonstrates the old adage that figures don’t lie but liars figure, and demonstrates why it’s so important to the other side to monopolize the attention of their followers and keep them intellectually quarantined from the competition.  If anyone on the left wants to bet me, I will make a large wager that FNC’s 5 o’clock spot suffers a significant drop in the ratings now that Glenn is gone.

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