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Newt Gingrich

Beating up on Newt Gingrich is becoming kind of an unoriginal blog topic but I can’t help myself.  I’ll keep it brief though.  If you want an exhaustive list of reasons not to vote for Newt Gingrich you can go here.

First, this should terrify you.  I’m so sick of being called a fascist by people on the left.  Can we please not nominate a Republican who in fact is a fascist?  It’s really making us look bad.  The preservation of liberty is an exercise in restraint.  I don’t like a lot of the things the courts have done too.  I agree that someone who thinks “one nation under God” is wrong shouldn’t be on the court.  But that doesn’t mean I want the president to go and kick them off.  There is a process that determines these things and it is carefully designed to protect against tyranny.  If we don’t want these people on the courts we need to not put them there in the first place.  If we don’t like their rulings we need to address it through the legislature.  We can even change the constitution if we have to.  What we must not do is let the president just decide  which courts are acceptable and which are not based on some arbitrary standard like “attacking American exceptionalism.”

And notice what he says is their problem.  They are “grotesquely dictatorial, far too powerful and … frankly arrogant in their misreading of the American people.”  This is a statement I can almost get behind but the ending is all wrong.   If Newt was not a progressive, this quote would go like this: “grotesquely dictatorial, far too powerful and … frankly arrogant in their misreading of the constitution.” The purpose of a justice is not to read the people, it is to read the law!  Furthermore, the trend in the balance of power over the last 100 years has not been in favor of the courts, it has been in favor of the president.  So right now we have Barak Obama railing against an obstructionist legislature and a Republican front-runner railing against a tyrannical judiciary.  One is playing on our frustration with the separation of powers and the other is playing on our healthy distrust of concentrated power but they are both doing it in order to further concentrate power in the executive branch.  At least our side should see through it.

“American Exceptionalism” is an empty vessel.  Just pour in whatever you think is good, chill and enjoy.  It sounds good to everyone (at least everyone on the right).  But what you think it means might not be the same thing that Newt thinks it means.  This is a standard progressive tactic and it reeks of Newt’s favorite modern president FDR, who managed to force his outrageously unconstitutional New Deal through the courts by threatening to pack the supreme court.  They want to redesign the system.  In order to do this they have to break the rules of the system.  In order to do this they have to get the country to not mind that they are completely ignoring the rules and to do this they simply claim that they are doing it in pursuit of something the people want.  We have to stop taking that path: the quicker, easier, more seductive path.

Secondly, nobody who is not a progressive would say this.  Newt thinks Romney should give back the money he earned while laying off employees.  Sometimes, in a free market, employees should be laid off.  This is not an immoral act.  Anyone who thinks it is does not believe in the free market.  They don’t believe that employment is a mutually beneficial, mutually voluntary agreement but that working for someone gives you a claim on their life and their assets.  That employees are the wards of their employers and that if it stops being beneficial to the employer and they end the agreement that they are committing a great injustice.  This view is entirely incompatible with free markets and private property.   It is, however, entirely compatible with progressivism…..

  1. January 26, 2014 at 12:40 am

    Republicans are so are out of sink with today. They just vote straight party lines and not for the pploee who voted for them. They care about morals before they care about pploee. If they think hitting a glass bottle on Tuesday is wrong then they will not allow it even if it saves a child’s life. Then will defend themselves only with rhetoric toward the opposition. For instance (Obama is now a US citizen) (Obama is a terrorist and his dad is in a terrorist camp) (Obama ruined the economy) so on!

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