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Ron Paul could actually win Iowa.  When I saw the poll yesterday I suddenly thought to myself: “geeze what if he won the first primary and was the leader in actual delegates?  Then the press would have to take him seriously.”  This thought was dashed almost immediately when I saw Chris Wallace on Fox News, when asked “what if Ron Paul won Iowa,” respond with a cringe that it would discredit Iowa!  And as you can see in the link above, they are calling a vote of Paul a “protest vote” even when he’s a close second in the polls.  So if you are faced with this dilemma between voting for Paul whom you actually think is the best candidate and voting for Newt Gingrich in order to avoid nominating Mitt Romney here are a few things to consider.

1.  While Mitt Romney is pretty bad, Newt Gingrich is an absolute nightmare.  If the next president is any of the following men: Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, Barak Obama, there is no chance of the country changing course in any meaningful way.  Repealing the healthcare law (which I bet none of them would do) and building a pipeline and passing another tax cut isn’t going to fix our problems.  We need to make a new commitment to individual liberty, limited government, and the rule of law.  If you think this will happen with Newt Gingrich you probably aren’t paying attention.

2.  Voting for candidates we don’t really like but whom the powers that be in the parties and the media tell us are acceptable is exactly how we got into this mess.

3.  This is the big one:  Ron Paul has the best chance of beating Barak Obama!  Think about it.  If Ron Paul actually got the nomination, for one thing, the press would have to take him seriously.  Sure they would try to tear him apart.  But this guy has actually been consistent his whole career.  You won’t find him contradicting himself because the things he says are based on principles not pandering to one interest group or another.  Like them or not, these are the things he actually believes.  So he’s not a “flip-flopper.”  Are they gonna claim he’s in the pocket of big business and special interests?  Maybe, but if people pay attention at all (granted, this is a big if)  it’s laughable.   Yeah, they’re going to claim he hates children and wants to kill old people etc. but if we’re not ready to stand up to that, then there’s no hope for us.  And you may recall that they did their best with his son, including calling him a racist, to no avail.

What’s more Ron Paul will get a lot of people on the left who are disenchanted with Obama.  Paul is for ending the Fed, legalizing marijuana and bringing the troops home.  He would probably get more OWS types than Obama.  And in the end conservatives, if faced with the choice between Paul and Obama would mostly suck it up and vote for Paul even if they’re not thrilled about all those positions.  In fact I recently saw Ann Coulter say Ron Paul was fantastic on domestic issues.  There are really only two things that he gets beat over the head for: not wanting to invade Iran, and wanting to legalize heroine.  So basically all he would have to do to beat Obama by 20 points would be to say the following two things:

1.  I don’t believe America should be meddling in other countries business, especially with the military, unless they are a clear and present danger to the United States or her allies–including Israel.  I don’t think we should be in Iraq , Afghanistan, Libya, etc. and I am very concerned that there are some currently preparing to start a war in Iran that might not be necessary.  However, I do agree sometimes the use of force is necessary and if Iran got the bomb it would be a catastrophe so it may be necessary to use force to stop them, but it would only be used as a last resort and even then it would only be for the purpose of preventing them from getting nukes and not to conquer and occupy the country. ”

2.  “I think all drugs should be legal but seriously people this is not our biggest problem right now.  I get that most of you don’t want to legalize heroine.  I actually think most of you are ready to legalize pot.  But the main point is that we don’t need a big Federal apparatus enforcing these things.  We should just get the Feds out of the drug business and let the states handle it.  Then you can each legalize whatever you want and keep whatever you want illegal.  Meanwhile the president will be able to focus on more pressing issues.”

The second one, I’m sure, would be quite simple and pretty much eliminate the issue.  Also, I think if I were a Ron Paul advisor I could get him to say it.  I don’t know if I could get him to say the first thing.  That’s the problem with men of principle, they won’t always say what they need to in order to win an election.  But after all, isn’t that what we’re really looking for America?

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