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Everything that Someone Should Be Saying About Sandra Fluke, Rush Limbaugh, and Contraception

March 6, 2012 6 comments

When the Obama administration first announced its policy that all employers, including religiously affiliated employers, would be forced to provide health “insurance” to their employees which includes birth control coverage, most commentators seemed baffled by the move.  After all, it seems to make no sense to alienate Catholics, who are a very large bloc of swing voters that broke for Obama in 2008, during an election year.  But now I think we can see the logic behind this move.  As usual, there are several issues converging here, so this will be kind of a long one.  I will break it down into its key components.

The left’s war on reality

As you probably know, last week Sandra Fluke, a law student at Georgetown University, testified in front of congress on behalf of the President’s policy of forcing universities and employers to cover contraception.  It is commonly said that you can boil a frog alive, you just have to do it slowly.  If you turn up the heat to fast, the frog will jump out of the pot, but if you do it slowly enough, he won’t notice he is being cooked.  America, we are being boiled!  We don’t notice it because it’s been going on for a hundred years.  But there are certain moments when we have the opportunity to look around us and realize that it’s getting hot in here.  When I first saw this testimony, I thought this would be one of those moments.

This woman thinks it is an outrage that she doesn’t get free birth control.  She is 31 and attending a prestigious law school.  She lays out a number of horrifying scenarios that her friends have or could have experienced.  For instance, her friend didn’t go to the doctor after being raped because she assumed that her insurance wouldn’t cover it even though it does.  Another friend was humiliated when she didn’t check what was covered by her insurance before going to the store to buy her birth control.  Also, some hypothetical students at other unnamed universities might not get birth control that they need for reasons other than birth control, even though they do at Georgetown.

America, meet my generation.  We make decisions without thinking about the consequences.  Then if there are consequences we didn’t foresee because we didn’t really think about them, we become outraged and expect someone else to fix them for us.  In short: we don’t think it is fair to expect us to take care of ourselves. Read more…


In Defense of the Evil Speculators


For the record the unnamed conservative pundits are all Bill O’Reilly.

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