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The Right to Work for Less Money

December 12, 2012 1 comment

President Obama recently made the following snide comment regarding the “right to work” law that Michigan recently passed.

What it’s really about is, giving you the right to work for less money.”

To which I reply (and I wish others who support such laws would also reply) yes, Mr. President, you’ve got it exactly right.  It is about giving people the right to work for less money.  Shouldn’t people be allowed to work for any amount of money they are willing to work for?  The way unions raise wages is by restricting the workforce.  Take away this power to prohibit people from working without union permission and more people will work, unemployment will be lower, and the country will be more productive.

The economics is pretty simple here but the more important issue is the moral question.  Doesn’t freedom include the ability to trade my own labor?  As usual, the argument from the left is a pretty simple distortion of the notion of “rights.”  The President talks about “taking away your right to bargain collectively.”  But nobody is proposing a prohibition on collective bargaining.  The only thing they are doing is taking away the “right” to force people into a collective that they don’t want to be a part of, the “right” to take money from people for causes they don’t support, and, yes, the “right” to keep people from voluntarily choosing to work for “too little money.”

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“Unions” or “This is What Democracy Looks Like”

February 27, 2011 Leave a comment

If you catch the news out of Wisconsin, you will see people marching outside (and inside) the state capital chanting “this is what democracy looks like.”  It would do us a lot of good to notice what is going on there and that it is in fact what “democracy” looks like.  So let’s look at the facts.  First, a democratically elected legislature and governor tried to change the government’s policy with regard to union benefits and negotiations within the framework of the rules.  The Democrats didn’t like what they were doing so they fled the state to keep them from being able to hold a vote on the bill.  That’s what democracy looks like?  Second, if you watch the coverage on Fox News, you will notice that in every live shot the protesters go to great lengths to shout down the reporter with chants like “tell the truth.”  If you can’t see the contradiction there consider that it is impossible for someone to tell the truth when they are being shouted down.  If they were intellectually honest they would chant “just don’t say anything” but is that what democracy looks like?

So the first thing that you should notice is that the left is a contradiction at every turn and this should make it quite clear that they don’t really believe in the things they are always talking about.  They have certain goals and they are only interested in achieving those goals.  The means are not a concern for them.  So they talk about the democratic process and the will of the voters when they are passing healthcare but as soon as that will departs from their goals, it is no longer respected, it becomes the evil delusions of the ignorant and unenlightened (also probably racists).  Naturally, this must be defeated at any cost….in the name of progress, of course.  They talk about freedom of speech until someone gets on tv with a different opinion from them, then they must be shut down.  Otherwise, the ignorant public might get their heads filled with a lot of crazy ideas and then you won’t choose what they want you to, and that will make it hard for them to cloak their actions in the mantle of “democracy.”  But don’t worry, they are only shutting down speech which is not in the best interest of “the people.”

But if you really want to know what democracy looks like just look at a union itself.  Some workers hold a vote to determine whether or not they will unionize.  If a majority of them want the union, it is formed and imposed upon the minority who just wanted to keep their individual rights.  The union can then take the money of all of its members, including the ones who are members against their will, and use it for whatever they want.  Much of it gets used to support Democratic politicians and pursue other political activities.  To my knowledge, unions are the only organization in existence that can actually take money from people against their will and funnel it into causes that they don’t agree with.  This is what democracy looks like.

Furthermore, the people who’s individual rights are sacrificed for the satisfaction of the collective are not even really a minority.  This is because when a union forms, it destroys the rights of everyone who is not in the union.  If a union is created at a particular workplace, you are no longer allowed to bargain individually with that employer.  This means that if you are willing to do the job better and/or for less than the people who are doing it currently, sorry you don’t have the right to sell your own labor for a price which is acceptable to you because the union is able to wield the coercive power of government against you (and the employer) to prevent you from doing that in order to protect its own interests.  This is what Democracy looks like.

Perhaps the worst part is that the majority which binds everyone to this  arrangement only has to exist for a moment.  See this article* about a provision in Wisconsin to require a yearly vote to maintain a union.  “Under current law, workers typically vote just once to establish a union.”  This means that the union may have convinced a small majority of workers generations ago that unionization was a good idea and even though most people may not want it now, they are stuck with it anyway.  This is what democracy looks like.

A union is a democratically created fiefdom in which the individual rights of people both within and without are subjugated to the prerogative of the collective.  This is what democracy looks like.

*Notice the subtle way that bias manifests itself in journlaism in statements like “Attention has focused on a provision that would strip most public employee unions of most negotiating rights”  a blatant abuse of the terms “rights” and “most” said in passing with no evidence or analysis as though it were a sterile statment of the facts.

The Unions Calling the Chinese Black

September 10, 2010 Leave a comment

I almost choked from laughing so hard when I read this tease in today’s paper.

The United Steelworkers filed a trade complaint in the U.S. charging that China unfairly subsidizes its clean-energy technology sector.

Just incase you don’t get the joke here are some tidbits from the Obama “New Energy For America Plan.”

Invest In A Clean Energy Economy and Help Create 5 Million New Green Jobs: Barak Obama and Joe Biden will strategically invest $150 billion over 10 years to accelerate the commercialization of plug‐in hybrids, promote development of commercial scale renewable energy, encourage energy efficiency, invest in low emissions coal plants, advance the next generation of biofuels and fuel infrastructure, and begin transition to a new digital electricity grid. The plan will also invest in America’s highly‐skilled manufacturing workforce and manufacturing centers to ensure that American workers have the skills and tools they need to pioneer the green technologies that will be in high demand throughout the world. All together these investments will help the private sector create 5 million new green jobs, good jobs that cannot be outsourced.

Convert our Manufacturing Centers into Clean Technology Leaders: America boasts the highest‐skilled manufacturing workforce in the world and advanced manufacturing facilities that have powered economic growth in America for decades. Barack Obama and Joe Biden believe that America companies and workers should build the high‐demand technologies of the future, and he will help nurture America’ success in clean technology manufacturing by establishing a federal investment program to help manufacturing centers modernize and help Americans learn new skills to produce green products. This federal grant program will allocate money to the states to identify and support local manufacturers with the most compelling plans for modernizing existing or closed manufacturing facilities to produce new advanced clean technologies. This investment will help provide the critical up‐front capital needed by small and mid‐size manufacturers to produce these innovative new technologies. Along with an increased federal investment in the research, development and deployment of advanced technologies, this $1 billion per year investment will help spur sustainable economic growth in communities across the country.


And incase you don’t speak Washingtonese, this is just a long-winded way of saying “we will funnel tax dollars into the pockets of our union buddies in exchange for producing things that there is not a sufficient market for.”  And remember this speech?    But let’s curse the Chinese and their evil government subsidies.